Sunshine Coast News

It was wonderful to discover a news article today featuring the ‘I Can Be Anything’ Colouring Book for Ambitious Girls. Thank you to Sunshine Coast News for featuring this book for International Women’s Day! ~~ Full article available at the link 🙂

Author inspiring young girls

A local author has released a children’s colouring book to inspire girls to set their sights on ambitious careers, as part of International Women’s Day celebrations on Friday, March 8.

Hayley Camille’s colouring book, created for children aged 4-9, features 50 illustrations of diverse women in empowered professions that celebrate courage, intelligence and limitless possibilities.

Women of diverse cultural backgrounds, ages and abilities are featured. With a focus on STEAM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), as well as including Entrepreneurship, Business and Professional Sports, girls are encouraged to think outside of traditional working roles, embrace new technologies and care for the environment.

“What began as a personal project to create inspiring colouring pages for my own five-year-old daughter quickly expanded into a full book,” the Sunshine Coast author said.

Though Ms Camille has previously published adult adventure and crime fiction, this is her first foray into children’s colouring books. Her historical crime series Lady Vigilante has won multiple awards. For more information visit