Podcast News – Have your say!

We’ve had some fantastic feedback so far, by readers letting us know what they’d like featured in the upcoming new Lady Vigilante Podcast!

The poll so far: 

62% say “I want to hear my favourite character voices”
42% say they want 1940’s style Jazz music!
46% want cool sound effects and storytelling experience (click, click, click, Bang, Wham, Smash!)
27% say “Audio saves me reading with my eyes!”
46% say “I can listen on the way to work/shops/ anywhere!”

Some individual responses and great ideas:

Some of the really good audiobooks use music and sound effects. That would be amazing to hear with all of the Lady Vigilante characters! Of course, any mind-reading would need a special effect (echo) or something…. 🙂   
  T.F. (Canada) 

– Yes!! Brilliant idea! The production team is going to have a field day with this project! 😀 – Hayley

I average 16-20 hrs a week listening to audiobooks so a radio serial would be brilliant especially if it doesn’t impact negatively on the possibility of a TV series or 1 1/2 hr movie type series.  A.C. (Australia) 

– I am still dreaming of a T.V. series! With your help, I’ll do whatever I can to get Betty to the screen! <3  –  Hayley

I want to feel like I am being transported back to that time period about the same way I do by listening to The Shadow or Molly & Fiber McGee. I would like the same effect as The War of the World & have the same energy as T.D.Jakes.  A.M. (USA)

– I will put those ones on my audiobook list and check them out, Thank you! – Hayley

Radio announcements like they used to have about the war, progress, invasions, successes, allies, what the soldiers were thinking as they were writing letters to their loved ones from the cold, wet and damp trenches, and how citizens were coping at home with food stamps, rations, women doing men’s jobs, etc.  L.L. (Canada)

– That’s a fabulous idea and would add a lot of atmosphere to the show – I’ll try to include it! – Hayley

Merchandise ideas: AvonAnarchy Briefcase, laptop bag, book bag. Baseball cap, visor, sunglasses R.E. (USA)

– Love it! I would never have thought of those, thank you!  – Hayley

I want you to be part of bringing Betty to life!

I’m considering running a crowd-funding campaign to get each new episode made and I’m open to suggestions on sponsorship, incentives, rewards, Avon Calling swag and prizes – will you help me out with your own creative genius? Have your say below:

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