New Cover Art!

This new cover took me far too long to get together, mainly due to the cost of procuring exclusive rights to use the image of this perfectly put-together 1940’s lady who is the epitome of our beloved Betty Jones (exclusive rights to graphic images aren’t cheap!) But she was worth the wait. I’ve got some cool info I’ll share about the background image (the night street scene) in another post very soon, but I just wanted to get this out there and see what you think?!

This amazing cover was a Valentine’s Day present from my husband (I’m practical and slightly work-obsessed) and I love it.

From the victory rolls in her hair, to the modest 40’s day dress, to the high heeled pumps, I’m feeling good about Betty’s new look. (Like many of you, I still love the old cover (those come-hither eyes and red lips), and it will still be used for lots of things like promos and ads too) but it was time for a fresh new look.

So – feedback? Tell me what you think of the new cover for Lady Vigilante 🙂