Meet Mrs. Betty Jones

Revenge is Sweet...

As WW2 rages, a lone vigilante takes to the streets of New York to wage war against a powerful crime syndicate. She’s the antihero the city needs, hidden in plain sight, with the perfect double life. But the past is catching up to her and it’s not going to be pretty…

Betty has a dark past, which she paints away each day with Avon cosmetics and a bright smile. She has created a new life with her picture-perfect family, but old scars are beginning to itch.

When a series of heists leave a trail of dead soldiers and missing military cargo, Betty recognizes the calling card of her past demons. Blessed with gifts that make her more than human, Betty is unable to live with the continuing existence of the people who once ruined her, so she embarks on a cold-blooded vigilante mission to be rid of them once and for all. But the past is catching up to her, and Betty’s perfect life is beginning to crack.

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Beauty is Pain...

In Season Two, Betty returns in an explosive new adventure!

A gang war is raging in the underbelly of 1940’s New York as a mysterious femme-fatale, known only as the Boudoir Butcher, leaves a trail of bodies between the sheets.

When NYPD Detective Jacob Lawrence turns to Betty for help tracking down the serial killer, she can’t refuse him. After all, Betty has always been drawn to old flames and open fire…

But will Betty’s perfect life be engulfed in the raging blaze she stirs up?

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Award Winning Crime Series

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry.
You’ll put on red lipstick…

Set against the backdrop of World War 2 in New York City, this series features an unlikely heroine that you’ll fall in love with. You can find continuing new releases for this series on Amazon. Best read in order.

For fans of Kerry Greenwood’s Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, classic Film Noir like Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep and action superheroes like Marvel’s Avenger Black Widow, starring Scarlett Johansson. It’s a blisteringly paced and stylish read that’s a mix of Batman and Agent Carter – with a dash of Tarantino… If you love ruthless revenge, kick-ass action and unforgettable characters, then you’ll love Hayley Camille’s bestselling serialized novel.

Lady Vigilante is a Crime Prize Winner, earning The Kindle Book Review ‘Reader’s Choice Award’ against an impressive cast of International Crime Drama novels and The Scarlet Stiletto’s HQ Fiction Award (HarperCollins) for Best Thriller, 2020. Infused with crime romance, mysteries and humor, the entire series is also available on Kindle Unlimited.