Catching Spiders

This little video comes with a story. I was out on a rain forest walk one day recently in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia, and a busload of tourists arrived (I assume to appreciate our native wildlife…) I was devastated to see a couple of them immediately stomp on a lovely huntsman spider that they happened to come across. I jumped up to save it as soon as I saw their intention, but they were too quick. The poor little thing died a terrible death simply because it was in the right place (it’s natural environment) at the right time (anytime), but with the wrong people (idiots).

These spiders are part of Australia’s amazing wildlife and it made me so upset that these tourists would kill one of our lovely native animals (yes, spiders are animals too!) without a second thought, even though they were actually visiting the forest to witness that very thing! So very hypocritical. (Yep, I’m still cranky.)

So instead of spending days upset about it (although I did that anyway), I made an impromptu video tutorial about how to deal with spiders you don’t want around (without killing them!)

I know many people are great with spiders and just relocate them- if that’s you, then thank you, you’re a kindred spirit!

On the other hand, if little hairy critters give you the heebie-jeebies and you’d rather they weren’t in your living space, fair enough, you’re not alone. This video is for you, so you can find them a cosy home somewhere else, without any stress, heart attacks (for you!) or death (for spidey!).

Remember: If you’re scared of a little spider, imagine how terrifying a giant person-monster must be from its perspective! (That’s why they run…)

spidey friend

Human* Humane: Live up to your name!

Signing out,

– Hayley (and George who lives in the bathroom) xoxo

*My disclaimer here, is that I’m not a wildlife expert (although I’ve been a wildlife carer in my time) and it’s probably a good idea to get an expert opinion before handling any spider you aren’t familiar with. In this video, I’m dealing with a species I’m very familiar with, and would at worst give me a bite that hurts for a few days but won’t kill me.