Betty’s Origin Story

Hello readers! I want to give you an update on my last couple of weeks, as it’s been crazy busy (in a good way!) I’ve been taking a little interlude between episodes #16 and #17 and getting very busy writing a short (about 9K words) origin story for Betty. 

I wanted to do this, because although Episode #1 introduces our vintage vigilante in an action-cracking way, there are a few elements that we miss out on (for example, we don’t meet Jacob until episode #3!) and I really wanted to be able to bring you the “big picture” of Betty’s life in a nutshell before the full story begins to be unraveled. 

There are some amazing scenes in this. We meet Betty about a year and a half BEFORE the first episode. She’s living happily as a domestic goddess and Avon Lady, with her husband George and her two children. Her terrible past behind her.

In this story we also get time with Donny and Jacob, as well as a new character, Marco Pinzolo. For any of you switched on readers, you’ll remember from other episodes that Marco is Donny’s son, and the next in line to lead the New York City mob. When Betty runs into Marco again after a decade in hiding, things get a little complicated… and the knives come out.

I’m SO looking forward to giving you this one to read, and as my Patron, you’ll get it first. I’ve scheduled to send it out to you sometime in November (you’ll have Episode #17 “The Bowery Flophouse” before this one hits), but I just know you’re going to love it.