Lady Vigilante WON the KBR Award!

Oh my Goodness…..!

Lady Vigilante WON The Kindle Book Review Reader’s Choice Award!

To all my amazing readers, who voted and shared the book and said such wonderful things about Betty Jones and the Lady Vigilante series in your votes, reviews and emails – you made this happen.

I’m so thrilled and so grateful to have you guys on my side. This author journey isn’t always easy – it can be super frustrating, s-l-o-w  to move forward (writing at 9 pm after business work is done and kids & baby are finally in bed is HARD) but when I read your amazing reviews, and feel your support and encouragement it makes the hard slog all worthwhile. Thank you so much for helping me share Betty’s story with the world! 
This award is a big step in getting Betty’s #AvonAnarchy into the bright lights!