Lady Vigilante (Season One)

As WW2 rages, a lone vigilante takes to the streets of New York to bring down a notorious serial killer that is terrorizing the gangs of New York.

She’s the antihero the city needs, hidden in plain sight, with the perfect double life. But the past is catching up to her and it’s not going to be pretty…

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Lady Vigilante (Season Two)

The Lady Vigilante Season Two Collection includes the next TEN episodes in the thrilling crime series that readers describe as “an EXPLOSIVE laugh-out-loud story!” with the indomitable protagonist, Betty Jones, as “a female Jack Reacher”, “powered as all hell” and “sassy, smart and deadly!”

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In a thrilling adventure that flips between modern world catastrophe and primitive survival, archaeologist Ivy Carter holds the fate of humankind in her hands.


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Two species of Human. Only one can survive. The choice is hers.

In the stunning sequel and finale to HUMAN, modern-day archaeologist Ivy Carter begins a perilous journey across prehistoric Indonesia, at a time when volcanic eruptions, mass extinction and a genocidal war are tearing it apart.

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Ivy Carter

Prehistoric Adventure Series

A Tour de Force!

Vivienne Neal

"A blisteringly paced and stylish read that's a mix of Batman and Agent Carter - with a dash of Tarantino...Bravo."

"Lady Vigilante takes on the tropes of femininity in the 40's- the dutiful wife, gals who just want to look pretty letting their man do all the heavy lifting and thinking - and flips them on their head."


Hayley Camille

Award-Winning Australian Author

Hayley writes from the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia. After studying molecular archaeology, she has published books in prehistoric fiction, fantasy and gaming before turning her hand at crime to win The Kindle Book Review Reader’s Choice Award and the Scarlet Stiletto’s HQ Fiction ‘Best Thriller’ category.